US says Israel rocket shield will work

Dear Editor,

We find your “US says Israel rocket shield will work” unbiased but also unwise.

The report simply parrots what the military says, and we expect better from AP.
The whole picture as if Israel is costing the US money for defense is askew.
In truth, Israel gets maneuvered into war after war to test the newest US weapons.
The show gets broadcasted around the world – no sales pitch was ever better.

You could have tried to find an expert who could give you this story.

Or at least you could have asked some nasty questions to the people who tried to sell you this crap:

  • How come all effort goes to producing weapons against these rockets; why don’t you bother to stop these terror groups from having and deploying these rockets in the first place?
  • How much does such an anti-rocket rockets cost and who should pay for them?
  • If a rocket against Israeli civilians costs $ 25 & the anti-rocket $ 1M – how is this going to work?

We don’t want AP to be the spokesperson for the military; we expect you to bring the news behind the propaganda. For the sake of the local populations, who in the end always get to foot the bills.


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