Turkey unveils its own drone plane for first time

Dear Editor,


In the first sentence in “Turkey unveils its own drone plane for first time” we read: “Kurdish rebels are waging a deadly insurgency.”

We would like to know WHY the Kurds would not be allowed statehood, WHY AP chooses sides & WHY against them?

Now it sounds like Turkish propaganda,while we thought that your task was reporting, not judging nor pleasing the authorities.

If anyone is deadly here it’s the Turks. Further down you write that “escalated attacks on Turkish targets in a war for autonomy in the Kurdish-dominated southeast that has killed as many as 40,000 people since 1984.” Rather, the total cost of the ‘ethnic’ conflict between Turks & Kurds is a 40,000 death toll in 25 years – more than 90 % Kurdish civilians by the Turkish army – thank you for the TWIST. 3,000 Kurdish villages have been destroyed, and nearly 400,000 people have been displaced.

The Turkish “treatment” of the Armenian People (and how they got away with genocide) was exemplary and an encouragement for the Nazi architects of the “Final Solution” for the Jewish People. In the same tradition the Turks are going after the Kurds for decades, and we would expect AP to be neutral or speak up for a People without a voice!


Halfway down the report AP recycles its steady myths making of the last 7 weeks: Israeli raid, killed 8+1 innocent (not a word about their violence, commando’s self-defense), the Israeli-Turkey “relationship is threatened” (never mind that the one spoiling it is Turkey) because of the raid (never mind the attack on the commando’s was PART of the trouble Turkey is making for Israel), “attempted to break its blockade of Gaza” (leaving unmentioned that the blockade is defensive, not offensive, and that the cargo (minus the weapons) was accepted by Israel for transfer to the Strip, ahead of the confrontation at sea).

Like the vast majority of Israeli Jews appreciate a State for their own, most people here also understand that other Peoples want autonomy. We do not want to rule over others (Palestinians) at all. Similarly, most of us sympathize with the Kurds. It is only with great sorrow that we are convicted to cooperation with Turkey and de US in such a way that we cannot even protest the detestable behavior concerning the Kurds. But AP should not have such constraints. After Auschwitz, EVERYONE needs to speak up for oppressed Peoples, but especially the media. And not repeat the blackout that helped kill off most of European Jewry.


The first bias in this report is anti-Kurds, the second anti-Israel. Both slants are pro-Turkey. Unworthy from “unbiased” AP.

Further, this puts into question the pro-Palestinian unbalance in AP reporting. We already suspected that your pro-Palestinian stand had more to do with being anti-Israel than with sympathy with Arab Palestinians. (If you would always be for the underdog, you would root for the Kurds, no doubt.) But there is more.

The rich, large and great Arab Nation has all but abandoned the Palestinians. It has not accepted or integrated them. It cynically has kept them in refugee camps (while young, little  and beleaguered Israel integrated 3 million Jewish Arab refugees) to foster the conflict with the Jewish State. It has promised them billions upon billions of dollars of support, only for the form, never to deliver. We can safely say that the only State that in deed has contributed anything of substance to Palestinians is…. Israel. If AP was really so concerned with Palestinians, it would be for Israel too. And not be one of the many who try to play them off against each other.

This is one of the most embarrassing “AP reports” that we ever saw.

We all just want,


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