Netanyahu says he will oppose conversion bill

Dear Editor,

We feel most concerned about biased reporting on Israel. Then we need to say that “Netanyahu says he will oppose conversion bill” has no anti-Israel bias to speak of. We applaud that.

We are a bit unhappy with a lacuna in the story. Only at the end, you quote and mention the initiator of the bill. That should have opened the report. And you should have elaborated on the plight of Russian Jews in Israel, a big part of them not Jewish for the Orthodox establishment. The fact that they came here and did not go elsewhere (as so many did) says a lot about their Jewish affiliation.

It is proper to say that Israeli Jewry IS DIVIDED. Defeating this bill IS dividing the Jewish People, in some real sense. We expect AP to alert its readers to this heartbreaking side of the issue, all these people affiliated with the Jewish People who somehow need to convert to really belong.


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