Israel: Rocket defense system ready to go

Dear Editor,

“Israel: Rocket defense system ready to go” in general is not a bad report, but it has some terrible, shocking and disappointing statements in it.

  • militant groups on its borders – these are terrorists, not just mafioso or robbers.
  • Israel came under stiff international criticism after the war because of widespread destruction – left out: that the military was very careful with the civilian population. The anti-Israel claim is here brought as factual.
  • and death of about 1,000 civilians – this is completely untrue, as we pointed out to you before – see the math in “Israeli army: Gaza war troops to be disciplined.”
  • Because of the superiority of Israel’s military, its enemies consider hitting Israeli cities as the most effective strategy in a war against the Jewish state. This is completely and shockingly made up, untrue, fictitious, unfounded. Muslim terrorists always hit civilians. Their trademark is committing these war crimes.
  • An effective anti-rocket system could protect Israel’s main international airport and so enable a Palestinian state in the West Bank that’s not demilitarized – what a pipe-dream!

Even if only brought as an afterthought, we are happy that you now mention “Critics say it would prove too expensive to fire advanced missiles at cheap, primitive rockets” as we wrote to you before in “US says Israel rocket shield will work.”


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