Israel lifts warning over travel to Turkey

Dear Editor,

We simply find it hard to believe that people could be so idealistic that they keep droning on about the same lies for 7 weeks without any business interest.

This is what you have the chutzpah to write again and again, and now again in “Israel lifts warning over travel to Turkey”:
the May 31 raid…
Israeli naval commandos [had] killed…
pro-Palestinian activists….

Where’s your statement that Israel can defend itself, that much weaponry was found on the ship, that Israel had offered to transfer the humanitarian cargo to Gaza (what blockade?), that when they didn’t comply Israel had to board the ships, that the dead were all violent terrorists, that the shooting came too late and in complete self-defense, that the G-8 backed Israel up on its action completely, that all the others people on the various boats were not aggressive, did not carry weapons & had nothing to fear from the Israelis?

Why not write an AP Editorial, explaining to us what you have against Israel and the facts as they are? Why do you make an exception in fair reporting about Israel? Why?


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