Gaza family struggles to survive in a tent

Dear Editor,

“Gaza family struggles to survive in a tent” is another sob-story about one of the “225 families [that] remain homeless, according to U.N. figures, caught in a mix of poverty, bureaucracy, and a border blockade.” Especially the word poverty caught our eye, and their appliances: “a refrigerator, microwave, oven, TV and computer.” If that’s poverty, who wants to be rich?

And of course: the blame-game. Guess who’s done it all?

  • Gunned down while fleeing the war (and which fighters were hiding among civilians?) [On page 62 of the report by the PALESTINIAN CENTRE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS on civilian casualties,, Ibrahim is now not 8 but 9 years old and he would have been shot when they went back to their house to look for their belongings, not when they fled. It’s already one-and-a-half years ago – who can remember those details? And these people have so little pleasure – we’re happy that they found an outlet in some creative story telling.]
  • No cement because the Israeli blockade (but yes cement to build a new Hamas headquarters and shopping mall (We take NO responsibility for the confusion you may feel when going to this site:)
  • Israel’s ground offensive; three-week military offensive (never mind that it was defensive – they are the victims)
  • Hamas overran Gaza (no, they got democratically elected; they only kicked out the opposition – Fatah)
  • And of course “international outcry over its deadly naval raid on a blockade-busting” (5 lies in 11 words!)
  • “Israel will loosen the embargo – the first step toward rebuilding the home” (implying: it’s all Israel’s fault)

How does this story relate to the previous, courageous “Some Gaza women smolder over Hamas’ water-pipe ban“?

Hamas will allow AP to write on the atrocities they cause, on condition that AP keeps smearing Israel?

That’s what it looks like, FYI.


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