Dancing, laughing at Auschwitz: who has the right?

Dear Editor,

Associated Press Writer VANESSA GERA has written a PERFECT “Dancing, laughing at Auschwitz: who has the right?”

About this hyper-sensitive subject she writes a lengthy, industrious, balanced and rich overview of opinions in a way that does honor to all these views and people.

The reader comes away informed, enriched and uplifted. Kudos to her, and Matti Friedman, Melissa Eddy and Michelle Faul who contributed to this report

[This is an extended version of an earlier (no less good but shorter) report “Holocaust survivor’s dance sparks controversy” (poorer title) that mentions as co-authors AMY TEIBEL and MELISSA EDDY. These two reporters are not even mentioned here as having contributed to this bigger report. We would like AP to be more careful about the work and the honor of its writers.]

If AP can write so well about such a hard subject, would it be too much to expect the same courtesy and quality, sensitivity and balance in its Mideast reporting?


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