Israelis convicted in bound Palestinian’s shooting

Dear Editor,

“Israelis convicted in bound Palestinian’s shooting” is almost perfect.

It doesn’t exaggerate, it almost doesn’t manipulate, it brings the facts in context. Only the final sentence is off.

Now, there is no such thing as almost pregnant; is there something like almost impartial?

To be completely fair, the disclaimer at the bottom should be taken out and a statement by an Israeli official (for balance) should have been added.

We would have liked it to say: “We don’t say that a bruised toe is not so bad opposite throwing stones, which endangers lives. Rather, we look very gravely at the abuse of power. Deliberately bruising of even one toe of a powerless detainee is taboo. Not just in the opinion of the creators of the Israeli guide for proper military conduct – also in the eyes of the judges, as we saw today.”


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