Hezbollah says it has list of targets in Israel

Dear Editor,

Your “Hezbollah says it has list of targets in Israel” is seriously biased, from the start.

  1. The terrorist organization gets identifies as “the militant Hezbollah group.” An undeserved euphemism!
  2. “Hezbollah said Sunday they’ve a list of military Israel targets” – covering up that they rather shoot at civilian targets.
  3. We asked you to not withhold the main point of the earlier Israeli briefing, and here you comply “Israeli’s military rocket storehouses were located close to schools and hospitals;” but unfortunately, you weaken the reporting by adding two small words: as if only “some” of them were endangering civilians, and that Israel had “said” so (leaving out its proof).
  4. A Hezbollah official is quoted 3 paragraphs saying some unintelligible analysis without Israel having a say in the matter.

And then it happens. After the flawed start, the rest of the report is balanced!

Still, we feel it’s too late. Most people only read the beginning of a report. And even if people would read all of it, they get 70% facts and 30% half-truths. This all under the banner of impartiality to a world-wide audience who can’t tell which part is factual.

We feel that you must get all of the reports factual – and especially the headline and the beginning.


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