German top intelligence official says right-wingers, Muslim extremists share anti-Semitism

Dear Editor,

“German top intelligence official says right-wingers, Muslim extremists share anti-Semitism” concerns an interesting topic.

We would love to see an AP reporter make a serious report out of this.

It should stress both the similarities (cartoons, stereotypes, oppression, call to murder) and the differences between Nazi and Muslim hatred for Jews.

It should not be brought in a way as if saying that the similarities and the dissimilarities would cancel each other out, or as if one of these two aspects were more important than the other.

One the differences,, the Nazi fallacy is genetically based. Some races would be morally inferior. It should note that not only did we see that such a worldview easily lead to genocide, science has also found no proof for racial superiority or inferiority.

Muslim anti-Jewish stereotypes seem to be rooted in hatred against the Jewish religion only. If a Jew would convert to Islam, these extremist would have no hatred against them anymore. On the other hand Muslim extremists don’t seem to believe too strongly in Jews wanting to convert to Islam as their hatred is expressed without any preconditions. Rather, they treat Jews as if they are bound to practice Judaism. They do not recognize less religious Jews as any better than the fervent ones.

It should stress that there are a small number of Muslims who honor Jews (Sheikh Palazzi as one of the more famous ones.)

It should also say that Muslims in many Arab states may hate Jews though they never have met one. Arabs living in Israel are therefore often milder towards Jews because they often have business relations with them or work together, and so discover that they have more in common with the People of the Book than what would divide them.


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