Presbyterians: End Israel aid over settlements

Dear Editor,

Your “Presbyterians: End Israel aid over settlements” is not what it should be.

First of all it is a messy piece. It’s hard to write clearly and build a good story.
Here we can tell. It failed. We don’t see that often in AP reports.

But what we do find frequently in AP reports is that they are anti-Israel. Here so too.

If we try to summarize the content, deduce the essence, we get:
– The more than 2 million members Presbyterian Church holds its week-long annual convention in Minneapolis.
– It approved by an 82 percent vote during the church’s general assembly a 172-page “comprehensive guide” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
– Most delegates hold that it’s fair & reasonable towards Israel, what others dispute.
– All think that this was at least less biased towards Israel than previous positions.

Now, how should a responsible and impartial news agency have reported this?
– It would quote at length and with equal prominence people who are pleased with the Guide & people who are not. – AP does that. (Too bad this drowns in the next points.)
– It should give some of the content of this Guide and earlier Church positions and why they are disputed. – AP ONLY give all the vitriol on Israelno counterarguments!
– It would headline & introduce this story about progress & remaining worries. – AP chose a headline to reflect criticism on Israel & opened the account with this. Big bias!
– It could add a critical question or two why all criticism should be directed towards Israel as if Palestinians and Christians (!) don’t need to improve. AP keeps completely silent here. Israel should be judged and all others are above reproach. Boo!

Lastly, AP prints uncritically that this would be an attempt to heal fractures between the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and Jewish groups. As if the issue would be to please Jews & be kind to them, rather than to be truthful and fair (to be moral for their own sake).

What could’ve been an interesting report is reduced to another round of Israel bashing.


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