Thousands march in Jerusalem for captive soldier

Dear Editor,

People that are not well-informed about Israel will see nothing wrong with your “Thousands march in Jerusalem for captive soldier.” They will miss all the euphemisms and that is a pity because they are plentiful and artful:

  • a captive soldier – a kidnapped soldier
  • held by Palestinian militants – they are among the most extreme terrorists
  • symbolizing his freedom chanted “Gilad is still alive!” – rather they meant: can die any time soon, so hurry
  • His captors have barred access to him – even by the Red Cross – and the world (UN) keeps silent and AP withholds the information
  • not accept Hamas’ demand to include senior militants – they are mass murderers (Israel is ready to give up 100 lesser murderers who murdered over 600 Jews!)
  • Israel considers Hamas a terrorist organization – rather the US and EU too
  • Netanyahu fears prisoners would return to violence if freed – rather, there is proof that 52% of the terrorists released in a recent, large swap returned to violence and murdered an additional 27 Jews
  • were met at the entrance to Jerusalem by a small group – a token, belittling statement for all the people and reasons why not to give in to Hamas too much
  • [Of course the G-8 called for the unconditional and immediate release of Gilad Shalit, but AP boycotts and keeps silent about their declaration, that you may find here:].

Doesn’t anyone ever blush at AP?


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