Israel says images show Hezbollah’s intentions

Dear Editor,

We find your “Israel says images show Hezbollah’s intentions” completely shocking.

1. We see no reason why AP has to insert qualifiers like “The Israeli military says” and “alleged” around Israel’s newest military revelations. More than no reason, we take offense, because AP does not do the same with even the most outrageous claims by Israel’s enemies.

2. The reporter seemingly has not understood the nature and the significance of the findings and their publication at all. What was publicized is, that Hezbollah stores weapons all over southern Lebanon close to hospitals, mosques and schools.

The reason to divulge this military intelligence is that when Hezbollah starts the next war, Israel cannot be blamed for any disproportional number of civil casualties. Rather, to blame are the terrorist organization itself (what a difference: Israel tries to protect its citizens, Hamas and Hezbollah try to endanger their own inhabitants!!), the Lebanese government, the Syrian occupier, UN “peace keepers” and their mother-organization and the Free World, IF THEY DO NOTHING TO STOP THIS.

3. Not only is AP killing the significance of this story; it has the chutzpah to digress into the opposite: It progresses to give the figures of the last war, to show again the disproportionateness of the Lebanese death toll Рguess who the reader will blame for this!!

4. The short article finishes with reporting an Israeli threat (here no qualifiers from AP).

We find it impossible – please forgive us for this – actually to believe that AP has done this from sheer incompetence:

The classic AP anti-Israel bias to slander the Jewish State too well goes together with painting Israel as (1.) unreliable, (3.) murderous and (4.) violent.

And the relentless stream of AP reports with proven false accusations against Israel by terror organizations that hold no water at all (hiding that it’s all made-up), allies itself too well with this AP hush up of Israel’s attempt to harm the murderous intention of the terrorists on the Lebanese population.

We are shocked to what extent AP goes here, not only to trifle with Israel and its inhabitants but actually with the survivals of the innocent and helpless in the Lebanon by preventing the world to learn how Hezbollah plays with their very lives.

You should be prosecuted for accessory to crimes against humanity.

While all we want is


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