Netanyahu expects direct Palestinian talks soon

Dear Editor,

We think that by Associated Press Writer JOHN HEILPRIN “Netanyahu expects direct Palestinian talks soon ” is very good. No biases or no name calling, no lies or half-truths, no left-out or twisted details. Just as we like and just what we like AP for.

(The exception, the last four paragraphs contributed by Edith M. Lederer, doesn’t erase the quality of the report above it. It also shows that HEILPRIN’s quality does not come easily or would to be expected automatically.

In the final four sections the Palestinians (again) appear as the claimants “the great needs of Gaza’s population,” (not a word on the Palestinian responsibility for their “great” needs) and Israel as the defendant “the international Quartet…. has been trying to promote Mideast peace and the establishment of a Palestinian state” (as if Israel is not). The UN as defender of the Palestinians (not a word on Israel’s wish for and contributions to peace and its needs for security) is quoted, Israel not. Bias all over again.)


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