Britain seeks to bolster ties with Turkey

Dear Editor,

Your “Britain seeks to bolster ties with Turkey” has the same anti-Israel bias that we’ve pointed out to AP time and again. All the (unfair) accusations are there, and no rebuttal by Israel or AP. Israel as fair game, again and again.

Eight times the word Israel appears, including in the eight token words that any Israeli gets to say. And not just any Israeli – the one who’s most extreme on this in Israel.

It’s only an unbelievable embarrassment that such a flawed report is not even the worst that AP issued in the last weeks.

  • Turkey’s ties with Israel won’t improve until Jerusalem accepts responsibility. No mentioning that the ties went sour way before the flotilla provocation and an apology is not going to change that.
  • For a deadly raid on a Gaza aid flotilla, It was not a raid. AP likes the word raid for this incident. In this reports it mentions it twice. Besides, it was deadly from self-defense, not from Israeli aggression.
  • We need an international investigation of the incident. No mention is made of the thorough investigations (three, no less) that Israel is undertaking. AP and Turkey so give the impression that all is forgotten or that Israelis can’t be trusted.
  • Turkey has already downgraded ties and withdrawn its ambassador to protest. AP never mentions if there was any ground for or counter-argument to this protest.
  • Israeli raid on Gaza-bound aid ships. There was only violence on 1 of the 8 ships.
  • Israeli raid killed eight Turks and a Turkish-American. It was deadly from self-defense, not from Israeli aggression.
  • Either Israel needs to apologize or accept an international investigation. Again.
  • Turkey will protect the rights of citizens. Read: Israel violated them. AP keeps still.
  • Israel needs to accept the accountability. Harping on the same string.
  • Turkey paper: Turkey will cut diplomatic ties with Israel. And on.
  • Turkey’s official insisted not. And on.
  • Lieberman (the token Israeli): no apologizing to Turkey. Without any of his good arguments. The guy must be evil or stubborn or irresponsible. Sure.
  • Britain’s new government pledged improving ties to Ankara. Pretending that Turkey is kosher. No mention of question if Turkey might be too violent against Armenians, Kurds or Israel.
  • The British would soon visit Turkey, and to press for Ankara’s bid for EU membership. Israel is the odd one out in this story.
  • For the EU to turn its back on Turkey would be an immense strategic error. No notion that Turkey’s eagerness to join Europe can help them ease up on Israel.

This all from a news agency that boasts about being unbiased. Hilarious.


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