3 Greenpeace activists disrupt Israel-bound ship

Dear Editor,

Your “3 Greenpeace activists disrupt Israel-bound ship” is a news flash rather than a report, that would be nothing special in an environmental action anywhere in the world. But because it denounces part of Israel’s government policy, it easily could become part of the let’s beat up Israel again. And here it does.

Written from the Jerusalem office, it does not manage to insert any useful information.

  • What is with Israel’s growing need for electricity?
  • What natural resources does Israel have or lack for generating electricity?
  • What part do Palestinian populations play in this?
  • What’s the state of environmental awareness and readiness among Israeli Jews, Israeli Arabs, Palestinians?
  • What membership does Greenpeace Israel have & how is the cooperation between the Israeli greens & the environmentalist in surrounding countries?

Great silence – only a notification that Israel is (again) caught not being OK.

AP should inform the public and not play into the hands of those who bash Israel.


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