Netanyahu: No preconditions to direct peace talks

Dear Editor,””

“Netanyahu: No preconditions to direct peace talks” is a true news report in that it tells us what Netanyahu wants.

But even in its small size it’s still completely biased, in a familiar way. After reading a lot of anti-Israel stories the unevenness might be hard to spot.

The whole report is written in such a way that the demanding party is the Palestinians, the party we are waiting for to deliver is Israel. This is based on nothing, so it’s untruthful.

The sentences “But Netanyahu declined to say whether he’ll extend the moratorium on a limited freeze in West Bank settlements, due to expire in September. Palestinians have demanded this before renewing face-to-face talks.” mystify this demand. In truth it is just one in a long list of many lame excuses by the PA that have nothing to do with peace talks.

The freeze has been going on for months now on their demand, and the PA has not moved. Now the new demand is that the freeze will be extended again. Excuses, excuses. But AP does not point this out. It pretends Israel does not deliver and the Palestinians have substantial grievances.


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