Editorial Roundup: Excerpts From Recent Editorials

Dear Editor,

For some reason unclear to me, you found it necessary to send around “Editorial Roundup: Excerpts from recent editorials in newspapers in the United States and abroad.” We assume that you picked out the best. However, number 10 of the 12, “The Khaleej Times, Dubai, on Israel’s prime minister in Washington,” turns out to be a rabid piece of anti-Israel propaganda.

Look at these words: “the Jewish state on the dangerous games it has been playing for decades endangering the Middle East and the world.” The state that gave more in its life-long quest for peace than any People in the world is blamed for endangering world peace.

“Iran’s rhetoric and its recent muscle flexing in the Gulf are all a direct result of Israeli policies and actions.” In the fight for survival against annihilation, blaming the victim is the game of the author. There is no threat to Israel’s survival – it’s all rhetoric?

Obama is fighting “Israel, and its powerful (sic) friends in the U.S.” In the country (Jordan) where it still is illegal to sell land to a Jew and where Jews cannot legally spend the night, “Jews are the source of all evil” is still a decent belief to print.

This is beyond blame – this is outright slander and hate speech. And these views need AP to promote them? Tell me who your friends are and we will tell you who you are. You should be prosecuted for this.


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