What rift? Obama, Netanyahu say bond ‘unbreakable’

Dear Editor,

You might be comfortable to recycle the same sentences over and over again, but we are not that you do this. Especially not when they contain nonsense and we pointed that out to you over and over again. And we are not going to give the same commentary every time that you reprint the same blah.

About “What rift? Obama, Netanyahu say bond ‘unbreakable'” we will only say that you used 3 times in this one article the wrong and indoctrinating term “raid.”

Just imagine that you’re driving too fast and a police car passes you and loud-speaks that you need to slow down or you will be pulled over. You don’t slow down so they force you to stop. Is that a raid? No it isn’t, is it?

In the last 3 weeks, AP has misnamed this interception a “raid” no less than in 14 reports!! Is it pestering, is it stubbornness, is it policy (then: why?), is it sloppiness?

Beats us (pun not intended).

What is clear to us that this has nothing to do with reporting. While we just want


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