Analysis: A critical US-Israel issue is left open

Dear Editor,


We cannot remember seeing an analysis from AP about Israel or the Middle-East.

You note that Steven R. Hurst has written about international relations for 30 years, & we remember seeing good stuff by him.

However, his “Analysis: A critical US-Israel issue is left open” is indicative of the AP bias of Israel in its many reports. This is not accidental and not incidental. Rather, there is a systematic unevenhandedness all over this Analysis; the one we see every day in AP’s Israel reporting.

This whole expose is about what Israel (& to a lesser extent the US) should do & not do.

Not one letter in this lengthy story on ideals, behavior, expectations, demands or responsibilities from the Palestinians.

Complete silence.

Completely absent.

Arab Palestinians are above the law, international law and any criticism. Nothing is expected of them – as if nothing could or should be required of them. Any and all they do (or don’t do) is done well, no questions asked. Their past, present or future functioning is not the issue. All that counts is what can be said about their counterparts.

Palestinians accuse, complain, demand, need, and should receive. They are beyond judgment, praise or being disappointing. They don’t make things hard, they don’t complicate things. They are loved for what they are and what they do.

Their leadership is not lying, not stalling, not calling for or organizing violence, not corrupt or basking in wealth on the back of their impoverished and powerless constituencies, not irresponsible and not careless, not hateful and not murderous.

They are as infallible.

Israel, on the other hand, should be judged nonstop – on if it sufficiently gives, gives in, and gives up.

As good as AP’s grip is on any news in the world, as poorly does it understand what is happening around Israel. No clue.

This is actually a brilliant analysis of….. AP’s anti-Israel bias.

We don’t want you to die of shame. As soon as the first pang of guilt hits you, we want you to start taking responsibility and change your partiality. For the good of the peoples in the Middle-East, for the hope of the whole world & for truth in reporting.


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