Obama, Netanyahu to focus on peace talks

Dear Editor,

“Obama, Netanyahu to focus on peace talks” is factual, except for:

  • Leaving out that Hamas does not want to discus taking responsibility to build a Palestinian State along Israel but rather prepares for killing all Israelis, something hard-liner Netanyahu staunchly rejects.
  • Israel’s ban on exports from Gaza and limits on shipments of construction material remain. Construction material is only banned when taken up by Hamas; export can’t be allowed for they exported suicide bombers, and Israel has something against that.
  • Israel came under heavy international pressure. (AP will NEVER mention http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2010/06/g8_leaders_send_love_note_to_b.html ?)
  • Israel’s deadly May 31 military raid on a flotilla trying to break the embargo. Rather, it was rather a botched attempt to deliver more Israeli hostages to Hamas.
  • At the time, Obama called for a narrow blockade while admitting items the territory’s 1.5 million Palestinians need for daily living and economic development. The standard of living in Gaza belongs to the highest if the world & there is no shortage of food or medical care – life expectancy in Gaza is in the top percentile in the world.
  • Netanyahu canceled to deal with fallout from the flotilla raid. It was no raid.
  • a rocky White House meeting between Obama and Netanyahu in March. Left out again, who did the rocking (the US President).
  • to resume direct talks, which broke off in December 2008. Rather, they did not break off at the Gaza War but many months later when Ehud Olmert was finally ousted.
  • One big sticking point is Israel’s continued construction of Jewish housing in east Jerusalem, an area the Palestinians claim as part of a hoped-for future state. There is no Israeli building activity in areas that are claimed by the PA.

All these points we have mentioned to you before.

Your reporting is getting more and more off. Not just biased – fictional.

Doesn’t anyone at AP have any shame sense of responsibility?


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