Mass march for captive soldier divides Israel

Dear Editor,

Your “Mass march for captive soldier divides Israel” with 889 words is a rather long report and quite fair within its scope and focus – compliments.

But that’s where the major problem lies. Not in what it says, but rather in what it omits.

While Israelis are divided between giving Hamas all it want, giving it less or giving it little, the same timidity does not sit on other governments. The G-8 leaders called for the “immediate release” of Gilad Shalit, though AP refuses to acknowledge their call.

It portrays the anguish of families of terror victims but it leaves out that 52% of Palestinians released in an earlier swap went back to violence, killing another 27 Jews. So the problem is not the stubbornness of people who are too wounded to agree, but rather one of common sense. Does it hold water to save one and get 27 killed for it?

On top of that there is the problem of fairness. (We’re not talking about exchanging one Jew for 1000 Arabs. We’re used to those numbers.) Rather, there is a major problem to release murderers and mass murderers that had proper and fair trials, just because. This makes a sham of any sense of justice. And shouldn’t we make sure that our Peace is fair and just?

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