Israeli settlements cover 42 percent of West Bank

Dear Editor,

Ah! Your mini report “Israeli settlements cover 42 percent of West Bank” has been expended – and the “reporter” has named herself: Amy Teibel! It’s always great to see how she uses her talents to further the causes of hatred and confusion in the world. How she slips in lies and distortions between commas, in a simple adjective – artful!

Let us follow her twists, so that we may learn from her – how to spot a fake.

1. She made the accusation of the settlers the headline and the first 70% of her “report.” The other side of the story is much later and shorter, but not at the end, because the last word will not be given to these despicable parasites. (Mind you, she doesn’t hate Israelis – only people who are different from her – she IS Israel. A fairly known attitude of the Israeli Loony Left.)

2. Jews control. She is right to start with that verb. It is a familiar catch phrase and no doubt it sells well in many parts of the world. Where would AP be without Mrs. Teibel?

3. Then she goes on and on and on about the details of these terrible allegations. No she’s not shallow, Mrs. Teibel. When she hates, she does it with passion & dedication.

4. As said, she closes off with a beautiful construction. Read: “Some 300,000 Jews live in West Bank settlements and an additional 180,000 live in Jewish neighborhoods in east Jerusalem. Israel captured both territories from Jordan in the 1967 Mideast war, along with the Gaza Strip. The Palestinians envision all three areas for a future state.” Did you spot the lie? The PA does not claim the new Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem.


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