Israeli army: Gaza war troops to be disciplined

Dear Reporter,

You announce that “Israeli army: Gaza war troops to be disciplined” IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. That should mean that mistakes in it can be more easily corrected than in an older story. (Does AP allow its correspondents to check our Blog to learn about their unintended mistakes?)

How much bias can there be in a 114 word report? Let’s see.

  • devastating” – is a judgment, not factual.
  • “killed 1,400 Gazans, many of them civilians” – How many women were killed? Palestinian sources claim about 111. Guess how many civilian men must have been killed then – about 111. In we told you already that there were not 900 civilians death. “Many” is a nice, vague, suggestive word. The real numbers are: 1,284 Palestinians died, of which between 0 – 100 civilians. Not bad for urban fighting courtesy Hamas!!! (Below the math.)
  • “drew a barrage of international criticism” – AP always ready to perpetuate the myth of Israel’s isolation.
  • “scathing U.N. inquiry” – an inquiry cannot be scathing – It rather was a kangaroo court.


Here’s the math:

According to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights 1,284 people died in Gaza during the Gaza War. We can safely assume that this is not underestimated. Now, most people don’t like math. They see figures and think, Fine with me. But I like calculus, so let me do it for you a bit. Nothing hard or complicated – most eight year olds can do it. No big shady statistics to produce any truth we would like. Straight figures, for everyone easy to follow and check. Our exercise will show us: that there never was any starvation in Gaza, and that there were hardly any if any at all civilians that died because of Israeli war actions in Gaza.
Average global mortality from all and any causes (malnutrition, sickness, aging, traffic accidents, murder, etc.) stands at 9.6 per thousand, of whom 58% because of hunger, according to Wikipedia. That means for Gaza’s 1.5 million people for 23 days of war: 9.6 /1000 dead x 1.500.000 inhabitants x 23 / 365 days = 907 dead. That would mean that in the whole war on the Palestinian side about 375 people tops died more than in peacetime. However, Israel has a list of names of 700 Hamas fighters that it killed. (On top of that come the Fatah men that Hamas executed as “collaborators” – the paper Jerusalem Post reported January 22, 2009 that so far 19 are known, the Internet version is slightly different “Hamas confirms executing Fatah collaborators” .) We are ready for the first conclusion. If, despite a war raging, far less than 900 civilians died that means there is and there was no famine in Gaza and mortality is much lower there than in most countries in the world.
This Palestinian Center for Human Rights claims that there were 894 civilian deaths (Hamas fighters are not part of the population? This Center knows how to distinguish between civilian and combat deaths?!), including 280 children and minors under 17 (we have already seen pictures of Hamas not only cynically using babies and children and of a Hamas spokesperson bragging about how willing Gazans were to function as human shields (the spokesman had two body guards standing over him for his protection – apparently he himself was not so ready to go) but also employs youngsters for combat, so even if young guys would have war wounds, that doesn’t mean they were passive civilians) and 111 women.
Now isn’t this a funny thing? That 503 men and 111 women died among the population. Even if every woman in such a population would marry (and each man is allowed 1 – 4 wives) that would mean that 78 – 94 % of the men in Gaza could never marry!!! This shows that the figures by this Palestinian Center for Human Rights are not so reliable, to use an understatement. If, however, of the 1284 deaths (let’s for the sake of argument not dispute that figure for now) about 700 were Hamas fighters and 280 undifferentiated youngsters, then the male/female ratio comes to 193/111 – then the story starts to add up. It only means that of about half of all these men that died Israel doesn’t know that they were Hamas operatives, some (19 so far) are by Hamas liquidated Fatah men, and/or women are twice as smart in surviving a war zone. According to UNICEF half of the Gaza population is under 18. That rhymes with the other civil deaths – 280 youth against about 222 grown-ups, especially because youngsters are easier to kidnap and use as “shields.”
In conclusion: maximally 111 women, 280 youths and about 111 men died in those 23 war days as civilians. That is 400 less (!!!) than to be expected according to world mortality figures for sickness, murder, etc. Without starvation, peacetime mortality would have been about 400 – 500 in 23 days in Gaza. That means that the Gaza War killed between 0 – 100 civilians in Gaza, some of them directly at the hands of Hamas and some abused as shields, as we explained above. The attempt by the Israeli military, and especially the pilots, to hurt as small a number of civilians as possible, has succeeded greatly. We delivered the “cleanest” war ever, as Left-Wing Ehud Barak said. Nothing disproportionate or vicious. It’s still a war and terrible, but Israel did a great moral job only going after murderers and picking them out specifically, fitting Jews and our holy calling.

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