Israeli PM: Need direct talks with Palestinians

Dear Editor,

Thank you for listening to your consumers! As we predicted, you expended your initial “Israeli PM: Need direct talks with Palestinians” but you also removed the offending phrase. (It can still be found at a dozen Internet sites like at ).

However, the resulting new report is a complete sham of lies, half-truths and twists.

The opening sentence is untrue. “Israel’s prime minister on Sunday endorsed a U.S. call for direct peace talks with the Palestinians.” It has been Netanyahu who all along called for direct talks. So he’s not “seeking to set a positive tone” – this was his attitude all along.

“After a rocky meeting between the two leaders in March” completely mystifies who was doing the rocking. Netanyahu was embarrassed by President Obama, no doubt because the latter felt that a bit of pressure would help the peace process. It turned out that such abuse led to further abuse by the Palestinian leaders, so Obama (an academic) learned and changed course. Not Netanyahu.

“Israelis and Palestinians can’t even agree on whether to sit down together to talk.” It’s the Palestinian leadership (as distinct from the Palestinian population) that refuses to sit down with the Israeli government.

Now, after three long paragraphs, we get a glimpse of the truth: “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has long been calling for direct talks,” which is refreshing, though late. However, this is killed off immediately by the continuation of the sentence: “but Palestinians have been wary of giving legitimacy to a hard-line Israeli government they view with suspicion.” In other words: Netanyahu is a hard-liner and doesn’t deserve legitimacy. THAT AP DISTRIBUTES SUCH ANTI-DEMOCRATIC GARBAGE! Only Nazis claim that Israel has no right to exist. Only the greatest liars claim that Israel is not a democracy. AP should be ashamed – should be called to account.

By now the readers (anyone who is still reading, that is) have been enough prepared to get quotes from Netanyahu. It doesn’t matter anymore what Netanyahu said. It’s been rendered completely ineffective.

After two short quotes we’re back at listening to the reporter, harping about “the international outcry that followed the bloodshed aboard an international protest ship.” Never mind that the outcry had been mostly by the media, that the proofs are in that the violent ones were a group of dozens of Turks related to a terrorist organization and never mind that the G-8 backed Israel – a declaration that AP suppresses until this day!! Associated Press or Suppressive Press?

We’re back at total fabrication with “Under U.S. pressure, Israel has agreed to ease the blockade to allow in more goods and construction materials – desperately needed to rebuild the war-torn area.” Again, “desperate” (see our previous email) and the lie that the US is now making rebuilding of Gaza possible, while the admission of building materials was allowed all along (see our previous email).

Then “Netanyahu said Sunday that finding a way to resume direct peace talks with the Palestinians will be his main goal.” is repeated, probably to help people stop reading what comes next. There is good reason for that. This is followed by more factual reporting!!

This is not an oversight, this is not a mistake, this is not a slip at the key board or an unfortunate choice of words. This is a clear manipulation of the reader, paragraph after paragraph. Disgusting! Not for liars or politicians. But for an institution that claims to be unbiased, no, to prioritize being unbiased – revolting is the euphemism that comes to mind.

One more hate-phrase we have not read in AP reporting for a long time needs our attention: “About 300,000 Israelis live in the West Bank in the midst of some 2.5 million Palestinians.” This is supposed to tell us that they need to go. Who could believe that there could live any Jews in a Palestinian State – even Jordan has no such parasites. Just compare this statement after a small moderation: “About 6,000,000 Jews live in Israel in the midst of some 220 million Arabs.” Delegitimatizing Settlers is not far off of delegitimatizing Israel as a Jewish State.

This is just one of the worst “reports” that we have seen from AP in years. It’s not the mistakes or the bias that upset us most. It’s the deliberate deceit. While all we want is


[Apparently AP agrees with us that this report was the worst in years. In two ways they showed their agreement.

1. They removed this article from their site rewriting history. We agree that it was irredeemable, but at least they could have posted an apology.

2. Three weeks ago we started this Blog because AP would not correct pertinent faulty information, even after repeated requests. They never answered any of our emails. After three weeks they also don’t want to receive those.

That means that:

AP answers to no one,

AP answers no one, and

AP don’t want to listen to no one.

There is a consistency there – of being above us all.]

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