Israel redefining rules of Gaza blockade

Dear Editor,

How exciting, Associated Press Writer AMY TEIBEL is back – always good for rubbing in some more bias and hatred against the Jewish State. Also this time she doesn’t disappoint. In her initial 119 word report “Israel redefining rules of Gaza blockade” she masterly hides the truth, as can no one else we know.

First she writes that “Israel will still largely restrict desperately needed construction materials.” Especially the word desperately is so well chosen, for her purpose.

Then she adds in a next paragraph (she is a master) “However, they say Israel will authorize these items for use in international projects.”They say” sounds like a disclaimer, and “will authorize” seems to predict. But she stated already “still largely restrict” – Gazans are doomed.

She KNOWS (we even sent you the proofs at June 9, that AP has ignored in five reports since then: – bottom of the review) that Israel all along approves the use of cement and other building material if that is used in Gaza under international supervision. That is nothing new. But Mrs. Teibel needs to state what monsters Israelis are for being insensitive to the “desperation” of others until it is forced by other states to listen. Her “” is not completely untrue – the Hamas rulers are about their inability to reconstruct their militant infrastructure (why should they build houses or shelters for the population – what are they – benefactors?). Well done!

We deplore that the loudest voices for the welfare of Palestinians are liars. These people don’t deserve honest advocates?

And, of cause, she throws in her bonus, the AP mantra about the “raid.”

Further, we have asked you many times to fire Mrs. Teibel. To send her back to loony left Israeli diatribe publications. We have changed our mind. We have a better idea. Please clean up all Israel reporting and keep Mrs. Teibel – so that all can see what a hate monger she is. (If we were you we would not let her use “Associated Press Writer” because that really blackens your name.)


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