Obama goal: prod direct Israeli-Palestinian talks

Dear Editor,

“Obama goal: prod direct Israeli-Palestinian talks” is a fine overview until….. we read again the AP mantra “Israel’s deadly raid on May 31 on a flotilla aiming to break the Israeli blockade on Gaza.The raid caused an international uproar” unfairly and untruly BLAMING ISRAEL – again.

THE TROUBLE WITH THE TRUTH is that it won’t go away and it won’t change, even not when lied about a 1000 times.

– Israel’s deadly – the violence came from a couple of dozens Turkish terrorists and the Israelis shot in self-defense (too late)

Raid – It was not a raid – it was a slow boat-by-boat take-over that was announced ahead of time

On a flotilla – Trouble was only on the boat with the terrorists

The blockade – This was mainly security related; ahead of time, Israel offered to let in all not dangerous stuff.

The Israeli blockade – This was a joint blockade by Israel and Egypt

The raid caused an international uproar – Left out – again – that after the Turkey’s “peace activists'” sham was exposed, the G-8 backed up Israel COMPLETELY http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2010/06/g8_leaders_send_love_note_to_b.html and so far you have not acknowledged this support EVEN ONCE.


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