Longer blackouts for Gaza, as politicians quarrel

Dear Editor,

Your “Longer blackouts for Gaza, as politicians quarrel ” brings to mind the old joke “How many Palestinians does it take to change a light bulb?” The answer being: None, they rather sit in the dark and blame Israel. It’s refreshing and appreciated that Associated Press Writer KARIN LAUB has reported about this internal Palestinian trouble with empathy but without blaming the Jewish State.

She puts almost everything that she mentions about Israel in the right context:
– Israel bombed the territory’s power plant four years ago following the capture of an Israeli soldier by Gaza militants
– blockade by Israel and Egypt
– Israeli suppliers won’t deal directly with the internationally shunned Hamas

When she mentions “Border closures have thwarted repairs” she could have added that these are provoked by the illegal kidnapping of Gilad Shalid and repeated Hamas terrorist attacks at the border crossings.

But on the whole this is a report we expect from AP.


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