Israeli PM: Need direct talks with Palestinians

Dear Editor,

How could anyone go wrong writing 6 sentences? Well, check out the early morning version of “Israeli PM: Need direct talks with Palestinians.”

After four blend lines it reads: “The Palestinians have been reluctant to engage with Israel directly without an Israeli pledge to halt all settlement construction.” This is an absolute untruth. The Palestinian leadership has been boycotting Netanyahu ever since he was elected, branding him a hard-liner without ever sitting down with him. AP frequently uses the same epithet for the Israeli leader.

The last time they negotiated with an Israeli prime minister was with Ehud Olmert, who was promising heaven and earth in an effort to get a “peace agreement” before he was ousted, no matter how unwise or indefensible. The PA kept saying: more, more, and a deal was never reached.

Again Israel is blamed wrongly. I’ve written about this point to you on at least four different occasions this year (2/7 “Palestinians question US on reviving peace talks,” 2/22 “Israeli soldiers clash with Palestinian protesters,” 3/3 “Arabs approve indirect Israeli-Palestinians talks” and 4/20 “Israeli defense minister says occupation must end”).

If we sound like a broken record, it’s AP that puts the needle into the same groove all the time.


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