Ask AP: What’s the status of relations between Turkey and Israel?

Dear Editor,

In Ask AP, we discovered the question “What’s the status of relations between Turkey and Israel?” and the answer by Josef Federman. The answer is not the worst in the world but still disappointing.

Good idea to mention the first Israeli-Palestinian accord in 1993. But a mssed chance to note that Turkey has a separation between Religion and State, a rather rare and wonderful feat in the region.

You mention that the alliance eased the Jewish state’s isolation, but you could have mentioned the ease with which Jews live in Turkey for centuries. The pact is no doubt also crucial for Turkey that tries to become an EU-member.

Erdogan more than criticized and memorably stormed off a stage at the Davos World Economic Forum. Left out is that he stormed off when is was not allowed to further abuse Israeli president, calling him a murderer of children, etc.

Left out is also that the public spate, fought out in the media, does not seem to go very deep. Both sides didn’t go all the way and the barking seems not to be followed by much biting. Only, Israeli tourism is down to a tickle.

Again we read the twisted AP mantra about Israeli naval commandos raided a Turkish ship, killing nine activists. The truth that Israel’s troops acted in self-defense is here presented as merely Israel’s opinion. Left out again is that much video and other proof is all over the Internet, and that the G-8 leaders backed up Israel COMPLETELY and so far you have not acknowledged this support EVEN ONCE.


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