Planner of Munich Olympics attack dies in Syria

Dear Editor,

Much better than AP’s whitewashing (and never rectified) obituary of Arafat, your “Planner of Munich Olympics attack dies in Syria” shows Mohammed Oudeh clearly as an unrepentant mass murderer whose blood-thirst is free of limits and contrition.

It does bother us that this is yet another story about Israel that has no Israeli input. On the other hand we must hand it to you that we see the guy’s true colors from you simply bringing the facts and remarking that his “account could not be verified” – and not from Israeli counter-arguments.

The beginning of the report suffers a bit from two off-putting cases of equivalence:
– “Two Israeli athletes were killed in the assault, and nine others died in a botched rescue attempt by the German police. A German policeman and five Palestinian gunmen also were killed.”
– “brazen assault on a sports team, and later led to a wave of assassinations of top Palestinian officials.”
We would not call these deaths in one breath as they equate victim and perpetrator.


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