Palestinian leader gives interview to Israel media

Dear Editor,

We were right earlier, that the first version of “Palestinian leader gives interview to Israel media” was only the beginning of more to come.

Amy Teibel needed 19 paragraphs or 679 words to depict president Abbas as reasonable and harp about prime-minister Netanyahu as a hard-liner. Again.

A new misleading statement (we’re going to see this brain wave by her over and over again) is “Netanyahu…. also opposes any withdrawal from east Jerusalem” omitting that a vast Israeli majority doesn’t want a Berlin Wall in the middle of their Capital. (Israel is a democracy and does what the majority wants, not what Mrs. Teibel dictates.)

And we should believe her that Israeli journalists did not ask Abbas even one critical question nor confronted him on one of his misleading statements? We don’t believe her! Rather, her assignment was clearly to malign Israel again – well done; it looks so decent.

Again, Amy Teibel calls Gilad Shalit “the captured soldier.” In four years time she has never managed to call him by his name (an Internet search shows). For her it’s a dirty word? Don’t let us get started on offensive monikers!


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