Israel police arrest Hamas man set for expulsion

Dear Editor,

We just complained about “Turkey lays out conditions for better ties” that it stole four paragraphs from your star-reporter MATTI FRIEDMAN without any acknowledgment.

And now we find the opposite: “Israel police arrest Hamas man set for expulsion” is a report that you attribute to MATTI FRIEDMAN (which is recognizable in its rich and balanced style in some parts), BUT: many parts are spoiled by someone else (no doubt), who ruined this report by editing-in traditional AP twisted anti-Israel language:

1. The euphemisms “his ties to Hamas” & “his Hamas membership” – He is a top-Hamas figure, representing the terrorist organization on the highest levels.

2. “east Jerusalem, which Israel captured”– Left out: from the Jordanian illegal occupier.

3. “Israeli settlement construction in the city’s eastern sector” – Palestinian inflammatory jargon.

4. “demolition of Palestinian homes in the neighborhood of Silwan” – A total lie, as we have written and specified to you several times; this is a renovation plan in which

Thousands of houses will be build,

– Large facilities for the neighborhood will be erected (outstretched parks, a large community center, tourist attractions like shops, restaurants, art galleries will make the neighborhood flourish),

723 illegal houses will be legalized and

22 illegal houses will be razed (new living quarters for their inhabitants in the same area).

5. “rioting directed at police and Israeli settlers” – Incited by organizations like Hamas & AP!

6. Then statement after statement from the viewpoint of Palestinians without any denial.

7. “Israeli authorities have ordered three other senior Hamas members to leave their homes in Jerusalem, but they were not arrested along with Abu Teir.” The truth we read in , “Hamas politicians would be allowed to stay in Jerusalem only after they renounce ties to the Islamist movement. Abu Tir had failed to make such a pledge…. Abu Tir did not join the other three Hamas representatives who met with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas twice in the past week in Ramallah.”

We truly appreciate that MATTI FRIEDMAN is writing more reports, as we happened to request a few days ago, but if they are rewritten by someone who is interested in creating anti-Israel bias, then what’s the use?


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