[Editorial 3] Welcome to Dan Perry!

Dear Dan Perry!

AP Israel reporting had so deteriorated that we felt forced to start a Watchdog Blog recently.

This all sprouts forth from our fondness of AP. We like your news coverage, your watchdog function for democracy, your broadness of information, the wideness of your team of correspondents, your rich use of English, your well-edited stories – all of it, except…. when it comes to Israel reporting.

This is email number 100 that we sent to AP about its news coverage of Israel.

We’ve come to devastating conclusions in the past days about what could possibly motivate AP to malign Israel almost on a daily basis. Yesterday we announced to AP that we have started to prepare to sue AP for libel, no less, finally to stop the incitement.

And then it happened. We’ve received word that Steve Gutkin is leaving (“AP names editor to oversee oil spill coverage”) and Dan Perry is replacing him (“Dan Perry named AP chief of bureau for Jerusalem”). That makes us pause. A new broom sweeps clean. (We are relieved that Mr. Gutkin is assigned to oversee reporting on the oil spill; we are comforted that he won’t be able to blacken the oil.)

We would like to invite you to have a look at our Blog in the coming weeks. There you will find some good argumentation indicating which AP reporters are doing AP really honor (like MATTI FRIEDMAN), which are good but need to work on their anti-Jewish bias (like JOSEF FEDERMAN) and which are outright hate mongers that you better dump (like AMY TEIBEL).

You may also find that AP Middle-East has produced both (a few) good and (a lot of) libelous reports about Israel. We suspect that the former are sold to the West, the latter to the Rest.

We would like to give you some time to get things straightened out at AP Jerusalem and bring AP Israel reporting to the level of ALL AP news casting. AP could be the standard and push for other news agencies, that are even worse on Israel, to clean up their act.

We don’t mind critical reports on Israel. What we are upset about and complain about are unfair, biased, partial, libelous reports, full of half-truths and untruths, inappropriate for AP, damaging (chances for) world peace.

As of now, we will put off any work for any court case for the time being. We will keep commenting on AP’s Israel reporting. We hope to see a fundamental change for the better in a few weeks. Our expectations are high but relaxed. We would like to believe that you will positively surprise us.

Wishing you the best of luck and welcome to Jerusalem,

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