Blair: Gaza to get construction material soon

Dear Editor,

Your “Blair: Gaza to get construction material soon” has a lot of balanced statements that reflect reality well. Nevertheless it does not measure up to your principles, because it still is marred by far too many biased expressions, from the very beginning.

For four bloody years, Israel has transferred into Gaza enough food, medical care & fuel, even during the Gaza War, to have all 1.5 million Gazans be healthy & well nourished. And guess what? AP has the chutzpah to call the security blockade a “choke hold.”

& it uses the expression we’ve declared unfit before: “deadly commando attack” (sic).

And: “Both sides have said they acted in self-defense.” (But much audio, video, written and pictorial proof on the Internet shows that the Turks were lying, just as the G-8 leaders declared,

And: “much of the damage occurred to private property.” (Left out: Because Hamas was wedging war from within the population centra.),

&: “Gaza to get construction material soon” (headline), &: “construction items that then should just come in” &: “Israel fears items like cement and metal” & “to determine how to transfer more goods into Gaza through Israeli-controlled land crossings and to handle international construction projects” all suggest as if this is a change in Israel’s policy, while it isn’t. We’ve pointed out to you and proved many times that construction materials were transferred to internationally supervised building projects all the time.

The Israeli response comes again too late in the report, almost as a footnote to it.


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