Hamas spy finds home in California, seeks asylum

Dear Editor,

The moving story of Mosab Hassan Yousef, who chose for a life of humanness, is represented well in “Hamas spy finds home in California, seeks asylum.” As is quoted: “hundreds of [innocent] Israelis and Palestinians owe their lives to Yousef.”

Unfortunately the headline was seriously messed up. This is an Israeli spy! If you want, a Palestinian spy for Israel. But for sure not one working for Hamas. Eli Cohen was an Israeli spy – not a Syrian one.

You write that “The U.S. government considers Hamas a terrorist organization.” You missed that the EU has done that too.

We missed a remark that sending him to a certain death in Palestine would not only discourage other spies and relieve US authorities of responsibility – it would also be tremendously unfair for someone who saved so many lives.


[After this email AP came with “US judge agrees to grant asylum to ex-Israeli spy.” Not only was there (good) news, they also changed the mistake in his nationality, as we pointed out. Also a comment was included on how unfair it would be to send him back.]

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