[Editorial 2] Is AP anti-Jewish?

Dear Editor,

It’s only a day ago that we sent you our [Editorial 1] Is AP talking with a forked tongue on Israel? and we are amazed about your quick response.

In Editorial 1 we were proposing that AP is writing slanderous pieces about Israel only because it sells well. Our proof? AP doesn’t slander any other groups. We always found you fair on Jews in the Diaspora and on the Holocaust (and anything else, for that matter). And guess what?

Within hours, AP launched two reports with anti-Jewish headlines:
“Jewish-music figure gets prison in $36K NYC theft” and
“Farrakhan charges Jews with ‘anti-black’ behavior.”
NB: Never mind the former was without real content and vague enough to show that the author had not have a clue of what went on (and transmitted this feeling beautifully to the readers). NB: The latter could easily have had the headline “ADL slams anti-Jewish rhetoric.” No, it was distinctly meant to give the floor to anti-Jewish hate-speech.
Two cheep anti-Jewish “reports.”

But it’s too late – you don’t fool us anymore.

This is just to lead us astray.

You don’t hate Jews. You just love money.

You only libel Israel for the greenbacks.

We will sue you for your slander.

That will teach you.


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