Turkey closes airspace to some Israeli flights

Dear Editor,

Your “Turkey closes airspace to some Israeli flights” is far from kosher. After briefly sharing news, it returns to harping on all the anti-Israel myths that AP seems to hold dear:

– Israel committed “a deadly raid.” You use the word “raid” over and over again in this report! This was not a raid. Is this AP busy creating a myth or merely an attempt at indoctrination?

“Eight Turks and a Turkish-American were killed in the raid that drew Turkish outrage and widespread international condemnation.” – Left out: They were the attackers; the shooting was self-defense; the condemnations came quickly until the proof of the violence was published. This reporter has no shame.

“The aid ships were sailing to Gaza to break an Israeli blockade” – They were not carrying anything that was lacking in Gaza, besides their intention to deliver additional wounded Israeli soldiers to accompany Gilat Salit!!!

“to break an Israeli blockade that it said it imposed” – Why not write the truth – why give it as alleged truth?

Israel insists troops involved in the deadly raid acted in self-defense”Too late in the report, a token Israeli sentence among a dozen sentences from the other side, and why the proviso while the proves are out on the Internet everywhere!

– Turkey wants that “Israel apologizes for the raid” – Putting the ball in the Israeli court again.

– Turkey wants “compensation for the victims” – the victims of the violence lie in Israeli hospitals.

“Up to now, we have done whatever is necessary within the rules of law — whether national or international” – Implying Israel has not, without any proof.

“We are not interested in making a show.” – That is exactly what it was, a show – reason why the next boats to Gaza will be only after the world cup succor 2010 finishes.

– “Israel has objected to an international inquiry” – Implying that there is something wrong with their own investigations (three, no less – one by a national committee, one by the military and one by the national ombudsman).

AP publishes so many anti-Israel accusations, and they are all baseless. For those you make no reservations (like “Turkey maintains”) This way you make Israel come out guilty completely without any basis or trial. Who i paying you for this propaganda? How do you rhyme this with your published goal of unbiased journalism?

This shoddy work is ruining two names: Israel’s and yours; and the former is innocent.


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