Rival Hamas, UN summer camps compete over children

Dear Editor,

“Rival Hamas, UN summer camps compete over children” is a long report on some internal violence in Gaza with certain value. Especially it mentions facts that other AP reports have often denied. Unfortunately, it still has its problems.

1. It suffers prominently from “moral equivalence,” the immoral equation of evil and benign. An example, besides the report’s title, is: “Hamas camps teach an anti-Israeli doctrine and military-style marching;” “U.N. camps try to instill hope in a better future.”

This trick is mainly accomplished here by employing euphemisms on the Hamas day-camps. These euphemisms we found:

– The attempt to teach hatred is called “a brief lecture.”
– The ingrained answers no doubt are chanted en mass but here “the children responded.”
– Since they were not angry at G-d, we feel sure that they were not “shaking their fists to shouts of “Allah”.” (“G-d is great” is a more likely candidate, which Muslim killers shout before they go on a rampage.)
– Training a generation willing to kill all the Jews is called “an anti-Israeli doctrine” and “a generation “that will lead the liberation of Palestine from the Israeli occupation regime”.”
Not learning to kill was phrased with “At a U.N. camp, the atmosphere was more laid back.”

2. It displayed a certain philosophy that is not grounded in study or fact. We can see this from the sentence: “The U.N. says it hopes to help shield Gaza’s children against the lure of militancy.” We all know, however, that hate from school, friends or witnessing war cannot take root unless it is condoned at home. Racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, you name it – all needs to be modeled or tolerated by the parents or it will have nothing to hold on to in a child’s brain. There really is no place like home. Not only charity, also enmity starts at home. The innocence of these children is well displayed, but the responsibilities of their parents are ignored.

3. It reports that the “U.N….. camp [used to have] activities such as [mixed] folklore dancing.” If this is immodest under Muslim custom, it should not be done. However, the AP reporter does not inquire and so implies that innocent local customs should yield to the Western outlook.


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