Palestinians seek new partner: American Jews

Dear Editor,

We recognize the author of “Palestinians seek new partner: American Jews,” Associated Press Writer Josef Federman – always produces serious reports but also always with a slant – not the worst, not the best. No different this time. We found SERIOUS biases.

1. Prominently he reinforces the myth of the “powerful Israel lobby” – but fails to explain why the successive American Administrations are so much more critical about Israel than the American public, if “the Jews” are so powerful (and rich – all of them). How come the American embassy is still not in Jerusalem, then? How come Jonathan Pollard still has not received any pardon from his exceptionally harsh sentence for helping Israel? (We also control the media – except for AP, Reuters, AFP, etc.)

We read of:

– “Palestinians have long feared the Jewish lobby in Washington.”

– “a small but influential gathering”

– “awe, animosity and envy for its political skills and influence

– “the powerful AIPAC lobby.”

2. Further we read the slanderous “[Abbas’] efforts to engage Israel falter.” May we know what these efforts exist of? Somehow your reporter forgot to ask.

3. He leaves out that Abbas himself was a documented Holocaust denier. So Abbas has improved, now immodestly equating the suffering of the victims of the Holocaust with their own. That’s almost as bad as Holocaust denial. It’s denial of the uniqueness of the Holocaust.

4. “He vowed to remove incitement from Palestinian airwaves and textbooks.” Your journalist omits that this was already agreed upon and signed to in the Wye River Memorandum (1998): Prevention of incitement: .

5. He quotes someone referring to “Abbas’ attempt to reach out to the Jewish community” but if we would look at it impartially (why not?) it could be characterized the other way around too. But the reporter quotes without question or comment. Again as if Palestinians showed flexibility, Jews not.

Besides these terrible biases, still something of substance is presented. This reporter has a great potential. Someone should just help him with his bias about Jews and he could be among the best.


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