Israeli FM: No Palestinian state by 2012

Dear Editor,

It’s so wrong and primitive to blame the messenger – for giving us unwelcome news.
But when the messenger is lying and withholds the truth, we should castigate the reporter generously.

Your special good old hate monger Amy Teibel has produced “Israeli FM: No Palestinian state by 2012.” She is blaming Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman for being a realist. She also calls him names (“hard-line[r]”). She treats his statement as if he had said that he didn’t want a Palestinian state by 2012. Rather, he just says it doesn’t look like it.

Mrs. Teibel is persecuting the bringer of bad news. Some reporter she is!

And then she goes on and on and on about what Palestinian spokespeople said. An Israeli spokesman get a 10 words slot: “direct talks are the only way to solve the conflict.” The rest is for Hamas and Fatah. Unashamed.

But in the end we blame you, AP, not Amy Teibel. Apparently, she doesn’t know any better. But you should. You claim to stand for impartiality.


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