[Editorial 1] Is AP talking with a forked tongue on Israel?

Dear AP Editor,

We’ve written you many emails on your reporting on Israel. Sometimes it’s excellent, most of the time it fluctuates between slightly and highly biased.

We’ve written to you as a fan of AP. We like your news coverage. Your watchdog function of democracy, your broadness of information, the wideness of your team of correspondents, your rich use of English, your well-edited stories – except…. when it comes to Israel.

Why the Jews?

We’ve wondered why? You don’t seem to hate women, gays, children or blacks. You seem impartial if not supporters of the poor and the handicapped, the environment and justice.

Just one group doesn’t seem to make the cut – Israelis. We keep asking ourselves, why is that?

Now, there is this pre-WW II German puzzle. Someone says “It’s all the fault of the Jews and the bicycle riders.” So the one addressed asks: “Why the bicycle riders?” So the former answers the riddle with (a rhetorical question): “Why the Jews?”

The unfair treatment of Jews seems one of the oldest bigotries of the world. Of course, none of any of the oppressions makes any sense. Still many have asked, Why the Jews?

We are not going to even try to give any answers to this here, although there are some good ones. Here we’re going to address only a sliver of the enigma. And that is:

Is AP talking with a forked tongue regarding Israel?

Is AP talking with a forked tongue regarding Israel? How did we get to this question?

In the last few days we happened to see a couple of Israel-related articles from AP that were morally complete each other’s opposites on almost the same subject with a day in between.

1 A. “Rights group criticizes Hamas treatment of Israeli” – A beauty on the lot of Gilat Shalit.
1 B. “Captured soldier’s family marching to Jerusalem” – A total nightmare of hatred and lies.

2 A. “Chavez meets with Syria’s Assad in Venezuela” – Informative and unbiased.
2 B. “Chavez: Israel and US ‘empire’ are enemies” – A shameless laundry list of slander.

3 A. “Racing Palestinian girls speed into record books” – Light & hope on Palestinian society.

3 B. “Rival Hamas, UN summer camps compete over children” – Trivializing hate-education.

Is AP writing different “truths” for different audiences??

We can only conclude you are.

This might be one of the good answers why AP is so good around the world except on Israel. It’s simple. There is a giant market out there for hate-stories about Israel.

Who would want a report slandering women and children? Who would print an article on the inferiority of blacks or homos? But you wouldn’t want to have to feed the ones that would appreciate a story maligning the Jews.

Knowing the cause is half the solution.

This actually would be not the worst reason for AP’s hate-mail. Incompetence we can rule out. The other option would be ideological motives – anti-Semitism. No, this might be just a matter of corruption. If it pays to be hateful, for a lot of people that might be a good enough reason to spread hatred. Especially if they can sooth their conscience and please their other audiences with correct stories.

That would also explain why we found the Israel-bashing stories earlier on the Internet and the fair stories faster in the Jerusalem Post.

Thank G-d: AP doesn’t hate Jews. They just love money more. That means that the APers that spoil AP’s name must also be susceptible to financial arguments to stop the libel.

We would not call an AP boycott. Not only are they very powerful so hard to boycott. It’s also a pity of all the good work that they do do. No, we believe that there’s a more elegant solution.

Let’s sue them!

For calumniation. Why not, now that we know that they’re sensitive for pecuniary reasons.

It might take some time before we have organized ourselves for such a trial. But meanwhile, AP, we propose that we will ask the judge to award ten times more compensation for any article slandering Israel after this email. We assume you will be relieved too, in your hearts of hearts, to be forced to give up this evil defamation of the Jewish State forever, now, or in the near future (at your convenience and generosity).


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