Chavez: Israel and US ’empire’ are enemies

Dear Editor,

Re “Chavez: Israel and US ’empire’ are enemies” comes to mind “Here it comes again, that feeling. Here it comes again” (Greenaway, Roger; Cook, Roger; Macaulay, Tony).

We read without any counter-statement that Israel:

– Committed a “military offensive in the Gaza Strip,” (defensive he could not use because Jews defending themselves is offensive),

– Is “genocidal,”

– “[H]as become the murderous arm of the Yankee empire,”

– Is “based on crime, slaughter,”

– Is “a state without limits,”

– Blocks peace in the Middle-East because it demands “”submission” on Israel’s terms.”

Where was AP when France’s Ambassador for Human Rights Francois Zimeray spoke about the world’s obsessive anti-Israel focus ?

Why do we read via AP all and any comments from hate mongers about Israel and never the truthful speech of people who have respect for Israelis as for any other person in the world – if not more?

This is not just biased. This is also bigoted. And anti-Semitic.

What if a leader vents a sexist of racist rant of half a dozen statements? Do we ever find such hateful texts verbatim in the news without any rebuttal?

You bring undeserved, bigoted hatred against the Jewish State and it’s inhabitant to a billion people! Selling Mein Kampf is forbidden in many countries. Why do you think that is?

If this is out of incompetence, you would be incompetent.

If you do this for the sales, you would be worse than a prostitute who at least sells the pretense of LOVE, not HATE.

If you do it out of idealism you would be an —- (the A-word).

What is it, AP?

The first, we hope. But then, out of 4000 employees there is no one competent enough to stop this hate-speech?

Now, you might not like these bold terms (neither do we), but we ask you, it’s legit to use worse strong terms about others?

Mind you – we suggest such words about your action; the terms about Israel are completely undeserved.

We have sacrificed as no people in the world, just for


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