Captured soldier’s family marching to Jerusalem

Dear Editor,

Amy Teibel is back, spoiling AP’s record two days without any biased AP Israel report. This is especially bitter, after your beautiful report on the same subject “Rights group criticizes Hamas treatment of Israeli” by MATTI FRIEDMAN of two days ago.

Her “Captured soldier’s family marching to Jerusalem” (again) puts all guilt and demands on the Israeli Government to get to a deal that would free Gilad Shalit. She does that by employing the following untruths (the critique is longer than her disgusting report):

1. She claims that the “march to Jerusalem [is] to press Israeli leaders.” But in fact they marched in Greece and anywhere else to stress that they want their son home. How did this reporter concluded that this is a march against the Israeli government? It’s only against Hamas when they start a march in Gaza?

2. She notes that “Israel has agreed to release many of the 1,000 Palestinian prisoners that Hamas wants freed but has balked at releasing some of those who were convicted of involvement in deadly attacks on Israelis.” She conveniently omits that Israel has agreed to free a 1000 prisoners, of whom a 100 murderers of over 600 Israelis (which is unprecedented) but has stopped short of being ready to free the biggest mass-murderers.

Neither does she mention that the Israeli Administration released probe results about a previous major prisoner swap. More than half of the Palestinians released then went back to committing terror acts, murdering an additional 27 Israelis, while all those freed had signed papers to disavow their further use of violence.

3. She leaves out that Israel’s latest generous offer did not merit any answer by the Hamas regimes for many months now.

4. She does not bring the important point that the international community has demanded immediate Red Cross visitations of the conscript and his unconditional release.

5. Israel blundered in being very late in showing the violence against its commando’s at the biggest boat of the Flottilla, that necessitated them to shoot themselves out of being the next captured for Hamas. AP was very eager to co-deliver the message all over the world that Israelis had ruthlessly “murdered” nine “peace activists” creating an international outrage. Self-defense is not for Jews?

Then the proof came, that 600 naive peace activists had been on a boat with a bunch of ruthless terrorists. Corrections were subdued and minimal. The news agencies had been accomplices to the agitation that again spoiled Israel’s name. And they did not correct the false image. And now, this report adds to this, by hiding the international outrage in political circles against Shalit’s continued imprisonment. She simply puts the ball in Israel’s court. Israelis can be scandalous, its enemy never.

To summarize the two previous paragraphs: AP generated general outrage against Israel, on faulty grounds and barely corrected it; now that there is a case of diplomatic outrage for Israel, AP hides it. Very, very offensive.

6. She fails to mention reports that Shalit cannot be freed because he’s relocated all the time and thought to be booby-trapped. This should make people feel bad for an Israeli, so she ignores it.

7. She leaves unmentioned that a whopping three-quarters of the Israeli population stands with Gilad’s parents. [In a later version she adds this fact – making it even more revolting that she doesn’t correct the other nonsense.]

8. She writes that “Hamas overran the territory” which is a very roundabout way of not stating the truth that Hamas staged a bloody coup to oust anyone who stood for Fatah.

9. She states that Israel “considers” Hamas a terror organization. This seems so intolerant of the Jewish State. Unless one knows the truth, that United Europe and the US have branded Hamas a terrorist organisation.

 10. And of course she needed to recycle again the untruth of an “Israeli raid on a blockade-busting flotilla,” “over the plight of 1.5 million Gazans affected by the embargo” without any mention of who brought poverty and dictatorship to the Gaza-strip, Hamas.

11. She is also careful not to state again that there is hunger in Gaza, because by now it’s clear there isn’t, but many people still believe the old propaganda. So by being vague she reinforces the old lie anyway, instead of using the opportunity to shatter the myth and complement Israel for keeping 1.5 million people under a hostile regime healthy nevertheless.

In short, get rid of Amy Teibel! Her writings reveal her hatred and provoke hatred and are a sore AP could miss.


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