Israel to expel Hamas politicians from Jerusalem

Dear Editor,

A democracy is going to expel four terrorist leaders. Let’s see what AP does with that. Oh, wait – the democracy is Israel. For that AP has a special recipe.

“Israel to expel Hamas politicians from Jerusalem” is completely biased against Israel:
The Israeli viewpoint is reserved for paragraphs # 14 and # 15 from the 18. Offensive!

As cherry on the cake, a new fake argument about east Jerusalem! (every day a new lie): Israelis now surround the Arab quarter, undermining Arab claims to Jerusalem.

And again you fail to name Gilad Shalit.

Last but not least, why is this for AP THE issue reported about Israel today? We had also:

– FM Lieberman presents his blueprint for two states for two peoples

– Report: Ancient Israelites held honeybees from Turkey (milk and honey story)

– Despite rift, no ban on military sales to Turkey

– Gilad Shalit: Hamas merciless, Italy merciful and

– France’s Ambassador for Human Rights Francois Zimeray rejects obsessive anti-Israel focus

– Today 9 mortar shells fired from Gaza – déjà vu

– FM Lieberman invites European foreign ministers to visit Gaza, the Italian in the lead

– Flotilla probe to be public

– ADL criticizes European flotilla measure as ‘inexplicable’


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