“Israel to expel Hamas politicians from Jerusalem”

Dear Editor,

Your “Israel to expel Hamas politicians from Jerusalem” made my day. Although we are basically powerless against all misery in the world, a strong voice of protest at least shows that we will never again be silent against the world’s atrocities.

You are so right not to call these four men extremists or terrorists, but rather lawmakers and leaders! Look at what all the other, moderate, self-hating Palestinians have accomplished – nothing! Of course I’m also against violence, but sometimes there is no other solution. I mean, would we condemn people shooting themselves out of a concentration-camp?

Good for you that you don’t spell out Israeli suffering from every suicide bombing or knife-attack. Do we get gruesome reports from all other attacks around the world? Thank you for highlighting Palestinian suffering and always taking these people at their word!

You bring more than the news – you advocate the cause of the downtrodden! That makes you more than honest – it makes you righteous!

And the world is with you – we are sick of all the self-pity of the Israeli’s. Any decent people has to bring sacrifices but they, they have to whine to everyone, all the time about any of them being slightly wounded or misrepresented. While they are all completely blind to the immense suffering that they cause to millions of others. (Beilin and Burg are the exceptions that confirm the rule.)

I won’t go into what I think of Israel and what I think about a people that calls itself chosen, because I don’t want to be accused of being an anti-Semite. But I will say this: it’s high time that the Palestinians get some leverage. And on the harping about their use of terrorism – Israel was founded by terrorists. And they were never put on trial.

Your Israel reporting is biased – good for you! Better be on the side of the wronged party than letting the abusers use you just because they’ve a better story or are more truthful!

Hamas are freedom fighters! They should get the upper-hand in the West Bank and in all of Israel! Thank you for keeping our hope up for a final solution that will be just!


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1 Response to “Israel to expel Hamas politicians from Jerusalem”

  1. MM says:

    And what about people that don’t understand irony or parody?

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