Lebanon warns Israel against attacking ships

Dear Editor,

Your (initial?) short, anonymous report from Beirut, “Lebanon warns Israel against attacking ships” is faulty in some aspects. If that’s helpful, I’ll point them out to you:

* “Lebanon says it will hold Israel responsible” – This is the Lebanese government, a coalition that also has Hezbollah in it – a terror organization geared at destroying the Jewish state of Israel. This administration might not be at lib to say something else than Hezbollah wants.

* “Two ships carrying aid” – Two ships allegedly carrying aid, that is. But most likely carrying weapons, this time (test-case) or the next times.

* Missing: That Israel has offered inspection by itself or others to ensure that no weapons or components of arms will be on board.

If terror organizations OR ANYONE wants to USE (abuse) the media, AP should be more cleaver than that. No open mike for people attempting to spread hatred and violence.

Don’t you agree?


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