[Kidnapped Israeli soldier four years on]

Dear Editor,

This email is going to make your day.

We want to remind you that in two more days, on June 25, it will be four years (in the Western calendar) that Gilad Shalit was kidnapped into Gaza.

There is four years of story to tell with lots of statements about his conditions of imprisonment. Don’t forget to ask (real) experts on international law and prisoners of war (not just “experts” who talk politics) what rights Shalit has and what ways there could be to further his case.

Don’t dump all kinds of other stuff in, like the suffering of Palestinians / Gazans, the (un)fairness in the negotiations for his release, etc. (There are about 100 statements by Palestinian officials that he’s about to be released or that blame Israel for not being a worthy negotiator. Don’t quote them all; rather summarize that most Palestinian statements about his release seem to be meant to influence the negotiations and that they turn out to have little substance.) Keep it clean.

Make it a long article. It may not sell in the Palestinian Occupied Territories or Arab Countries (or maybe it would; people are hungry for the news beyond propaganda by their regimes and corrupt politicians) but it will show at least that AP intends to report the news without a slant.

Good luck,

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