Lebanon permits Gaza-bound ship to sail to Cyprus

Dear Editor,

Your “Lebanon permits Gaza-bound ship to sail to Cyprus” has new material that we saw nowhere else.

Jews are they enemy of humanity

I urge you to quote Mein Kampf instead of some angry Palestinian when you want to spread hatred against Jews. In the latter case you make a whole people look like Jew-haters; in the former option you just make the Nazis look bad.

“I urge them (the Israelis) to leave my land and my country … and … to return to the countries that they came from,” Kashlak said. “(Israel) is a human monster. This is not my enemy. This is the enemy of humanity,” he added. “No other people in history have killed as many children as this terrorist enemy has. They are the remains of Europe’s trash.”

The quote belongs in an education course about anti-Semitism, not in a political discourse about the Middle-East. (And then it should appear with the true information: That every people is entitled to its own country, the Jews no exception; That there is enough space in greater Palestine for two peoples; That Jews and Arabs are played against each other but fundamentally are no enemies; That a lot of Palestinian Arabs seem to have Jewish ancestry; That most inhabitants of Israel are Arab, a majority of them Jews; That only a third of the Israelis is from European descent; That if the Holocaust would not have happened, (with its murder of 1.5 million Jewish children) today there would be 30 million Jews and not 6 but at least 12 million of them in Israel; That Israel has made great sacrifices for peace and that it’s high time that the world backs up the Jewish State; That demonizing the Jews has been a blot on the escutcheon of the nations.)

I will send the above to the Anti-Defamation League, because they have more experience in how to handle deformation of the Jewish people.


I’ve pointed out to you time and again that the word raid is not correct in describing Israel’s stopping of the seven boats that wanted to break the anti-weapons blockade on Gaza. And you’ve gotten the message of how wrong the word is. In this “report” you use the word four times. It has to be etched unto our retinas. Not assault, bust, capture, shoot-up, surprise attack, or sweep – you like raid as nothing else.

Now, people could ask you:

Why “raid” if it wasn’t a surprise attack?

That left nine people dead – why omit that on six of the seven boats no one got hurt?

Why leave out that most of the dead are Turkish terrorists?

Why hide that none of the 700 naive human activists got hurt, only attackers?

Why ignore all the proof that the Israeli commandos got attacked and wounded?

Why down-play that Gasa should stay demilitarized? (Japan and Germany were made powerless till the knew how to behave; are Palestinians above the law?)

People could ask you. But you know what? You answer to no one. You can do whatever you want and you do it! When terrorists or fascists use democracy to become the majority and then impose a dictatorship, that is abuse of democracy and they are an enemy of the people. When a “news agency” uses freedom of the press to spread hatred, lies and other propaganda, that is abuse of freedom of the press and it shows to be an enemy of the people.

It will not be easy to change the AP dictatorship. Everybody seems afraid to confront the neighborhood bully. But your hate campaigns against the Jewish people will have to go. It will stop and you will be called to account. But would it not be much more elegant and satisfying if YOU would initiate such a change, in stead of it being forced on you? You have a choice.


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