Iran to send blockade-busting ship to Gaza

Dear Editor,

Your “Iran to send blockade-busting ship to Gaza” is a fair report for the first two-thirds of the text. The last one-third really spoils that a bit. And we still miss crucial information that is systematically omitted.

– Exports, largely banned under the blockade? A relative new claim! We addressed it before.

– Construction have been largely barred? We sent you the proof that this is untrue.

– The vast majority of Gazans have been trapped? Where were these people when Gush Katif, Sedorot and Ashkalon were terrorized ? What have they done with these beautiful evacuated communities of Gush Katif?

– “We need our freedom”? Any person in a police lock-up will say the same. It is relevant though, what s/he did do to lose that freedom.

– If you want to expand, how about mentioning Gilad Shalit?

– Maybe mention the poor human rights in Gaza, the state-murder of Fatah men, Gays, “collaborators,” and the lack of freedom of the press?

– And why not a report how after three years the people chased out of Gush Katif still have not found a proper living space?

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